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forgive    me    as    i    am    still    learning    about    this

This is entirely new to me so please bare with me as I build on . There are several people who have inspired me to try and do this. Most of them I have met in in Talk City's Chat room called webtv where I have learned quite a bit and continue to learn. I am a simple person with very little knowledge of this type of stuff so if its alright with them I think the best way would be for me to put their home page links on mine so you to can see why I respect them for the help in this on going project!

Here are some links that I have found very helpful

HTML for Webtv E-mail
this site showed me how to put html in my signature block as well as i the body itself
DRAAC'S Free Gifs 123
Here is some pretty cool backbrounds,gifs and music in the background
Say It! Talking Cards
here you can get some really nice or not so nice cards for free
Webtv Secrets
This is Illussions A.K.A. spaceguy he knows some pretty cool tricks if you follow his directions you wont mess up
this is also another place where I am learning how to to do this this is also free Iam doing this from a webtv terminal

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